Port Land Skatepark

A group of skateboarders (Betonfreunde beider Basel) took matters in their own hands and built their own dream skatepark in Basel.



The Port Land project managed to set two records in the young wemakeit-history. In only 27 hours, the project was fully backed. By the end of the campaign, backed with 10’370 Swiss Francs by 112 people from all over the world, they reached an incredible 259% of the required amount! Their wemakeit-Trailer was awarded «Film of the week» on swiss-architects and their campaign received broad media attention throughout Switzerland which brought them even a broadcast on Swiss TV: Schweiz aktuell vom 16.10.2012


In Summer 2012 they had to tear down their first Do-it-yourself-Skatepark, The Blackcross Bowl, built in 2006. The same crew received the chance to repeat history on a bigger scale. Directly at the Rhine on the Klybeckquai in Basel’s industrial area, they could transform 400 square meters into a skateable landscape.



During the four months of summer 2012 they shoveled, sweat and sprayed concrete nearly every day for their dream skatepark. By the 25th October of 2012 the hardest part of their work was done and they could start skating. In the process 69,5 cubic meters of concrete was worked into the Bowl structure.



Even on cold and rainy days, there is always someone at Port Land training their skills to present them on warmer days. The official opening will be in spring 2013. We’re looking forward!