What Makes a Good Project Video?

A solid project video gets you a long way in your crowdfunding campaign. Easier said than done? For you to get inspired, we collected a few highly successful examples, which illustrate what makes a difference. As you may know: it’s allowed to copy on wemakeit.

This is a classic crowdfunding video. The maker of HOME: collection pour homme present themselves, they introduce their idea and then explain what they need the funding for.

Narrate across languages
Even if you are working on a multilingual project, one video will do. Cindy and Matete show how it’s done, making it quite clear why they need support!

A simple example conveys what the project is all about. We get a first impression of the Film Festival – La Fête du Slip – and feel like seeing more of it right away.

The project backers would like to understand what it’s all about. Even if the balloon machine by Attachment does not yet exist, it becomes clear to everyone how it will work once, after watching the video.

Cut short
Often, you don’t need words to explain what the money is needed for. The initiators of the project 111 La Placette brought their video down to a few impressions, leaving backers longing to see more.

Show yourself
Backers like to know who is behind a project. In Make Plain goes to London, the music band presents itself and its plans – even without speaking.

A joke is always welcome! The surprise element in the video for This book is great works perfectly – this project you will remember.