On Friday, October 12. the first Crowdfunding Science Festival was held at Kunsthalle Zurich. For all of you who missed out initiator Luc Henry reflects on this historical event. To celebrate the first 20 months of existence of our Science Booster Channels Mirko and I organized a full-day celebration at the Kunsthalle in Zurich: the first Swiss Crowdfunding … Read more

People keep asking us for examples of good projects. We would be delighted to name them one or two projects, but on the one hand this is impossible (because there are so many good projects) and on the other hand it wouldn’t be fair (again because there are so many good projects). And besides, every … Read more

Do you have a project you would like to fund and make it spread its wings? Then you’ve come to the right place. Because crowdfunding in Austria is really taking off now! As of now, wemakeit.at welcomes projects from all of Austria. Whether you make music or design furniture, publish books or sell cheese directly … Read more

A solid project video gets you a long way in your crowdfunding campaign. Easier said than done? For you to get inspired, we collected a few highly successful examples, which illustrate what makes a difference. As you may know: it’s allowed to copy on wemakeit. Narrate This is a classic crowdfunding video. The maker of HOME: … Read more

The project «Les voy a contar la historia» gives the expelled farmers of Las Pavas a possibility to show their faces, their real life and make themselves heard to more people. Their songs, recorded by a team around a Swiss cultural manager and a Colombian photographer living in Switzerland, are telling the story about their non-violent … Read more