Our Best Cases

People keep asking us for examples of good projects. We would be delighted to name them one or two projects, but on the one hand this is impossible (because there are so many good projects) and on the other hand it wouldn’t be fair (again because there are so many good projects). And besides, every project whose initiators can say «wemadeit» is actually worth mentioning for that fact alone.

Nevertheless, we would like to present a few projects here from which you might be able to learn a thing or two. To all future project initiators: our motto is, as always, «please copy»!


Title: Pin-Up Girl Pokerkarten
Category: Games
Funding Goal: CHF 4’000
Reached: CHF 4’575 / 114%
Number of backers: 70

Fiona K. had been working on her hand-painted set of pin-up girl poker cards for quite a while before she started her crowdfunding campaign. This enabled her to complete her project and go into production. Hers is a good example for how much passion and genuine commitment project initiators put into their campaigns.



Title: Kisten nach Ouagadougou
Category: Fair Trade
Funding Goal: CHF 8’000
Reached: CHF 14’625 / 182%
Number of backers: 163

The idea was to send transport crates for mangoes to Burkina Faso to prevent the fruit from being squashed. The backers financed the crates and transport and in return received dried mango. The first project was followed by three more, all working on the same principle.



Title: The bianca Story – Are you a digger?
Category: Music
Funding Goal: CHF 90’000
Reached: CHF 91’662 / 101%
Number of backers: 625

«The Bianca Story» is a band that wanted to revolutionize the music industry with their crowdfunding campaign. When the campaign ended successfully, the whole album was paid for and was released as a free download for everybody.



Title: 165 celebration days: Dada!
Category: Art
Funding Goal: CHF 100’000
Reached: CHF 101’310 / 101%
Number of backers: 157

This project was entirely dedicated to Dadaism. To finance the Dada anniversary exhibition, personal «holidays» were given away, each of them unique. This wasn’t the campaign with the largest number of backers, but definitely the one offering the greatest number of rewards.


Title: 777 «menschliche Regungen»
Category: Literature
Funding Goal: CHF 40’000
Reached: CHF 50’823 / 127%
Number of backers: 109

Author Tim Krohn had drawn up a list of 777 human feelings and wanted to write a story around each of them. In order to write the first 100 stories, these were given away to backers, who were invited to participate in the writing process.


Title: Bilder – Geschichten
Category: Kids/Youth
Funding Goal: CHF 1’000
Reached: CHF 1’657 / 165%
Number of backers: 32

The students of class B3b had written stories in their German classes that they wanted to publish in book form. For this, the 13- to 16-year-olds launched a crowdfunding campaign all by themselves – there’s nothing like starting young!



Title: Mir langets!
Category: Community
Funding Goal: CHF 138’815
Reached: CHF 147’271 / 106%
Number of backers: 12’268

With his campaign supporting the political statement «More transparency in election campaign finance», Donat Kaufmann caused quite a media stir and broke all wemakeit records. It is the project with the highest funding goal and the greatest number of backers so far. Hats off!


Title: Agrikultur in Lavin
Category: Agriculture
Funding Goal: CHF 50’000
Reached: CHF 57’795 / 115%
Number of backers: 265

With what must have been the first project in the agriculture category, farmer Jürg Wirth showed everybody how a campaign in this sector can work. He was in need of funds to partially finance the purchase of his farm and achieved this through a pre-sale of his produce.


Title: Innovation Space in Basel
Category: Startup
Funding Goal: CHF 60’000
Reached: CHF 66’303 / 110%
Number of backers: 109

The innovation and coworking space in the Gundeldinger Feld in Basel required backing for its conversion to be completed. The crowdfunding campaign allowed the initiators to show what they have to offer even before the opening.



Title: «it’s a human»
Category: Community
Funding Goal: CHF 4’000
Reached: CHF 24’033 / 600%
Number of backers: 299

For the Refugees’ Choir to be able to practice in Zurich, the refugees need tickets for the local public transport. These tickets were funded through this campaign. The campaign definitely struck a nerve as its funding goal was far exceeded.



Title: Carl & Sons / Lederhocker Theodor
Category: Design
Funding Goal: CHF 6’980
Reached: CHF 9’594 / 137%
Number of backers: 23

The aim of the crowdfunding campaign was to finance a limited-lot production of this leather stool. It entirely focused on the pre-sale of the product; the only rewards available were stools in various designs.



Title: my-iCros – iPhone Mikroskop
Category: Technology
Funding Goal: CHF 1’500
Reached: CHF 5’013 / 334%
Number of backers: 218

This simple iPhone microscope produced with a 3D printer was very popular. The simplicity of the story was so convincing that the funding goal was exceeded many times over.